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  • Spring / Summer 2019


    As we enjoy some beautiful Spring sunshine and enjoy to some lighter, brighter days, there is so much to look forward to. We are fast approaching Easter, which means the Easter Bunny is going to be very busy. We have our Easter Egg hunt and fun day coming up, as well as lots of outdoor activities and walks through the woods and in the garden to watch the changes in the environment. It also means we will be doing Kixx and Dancing with Jo outside whenever possible …. and just having a rare old time basically – in an educational way, of course!

    Our recent bird watch is continuing and we’re starting to plant seeds to learn more about growing and change. With that in mind we will soon be watching our caterpillars change into butterflies in our live butterfly garden.

    As the weeks pass by, we will be welcoming parents in to our Parents’ Evening, where we can set aside some time to chat about your individual child and share their progress and achievements.

    Once we get into the summer, we will be looking forward to our annual barbeque. This is always great fun and a good opportunity for everyone to get together at the weekend for a nice social event and possibly some sports day events as well. All this before our confident Pre-schoolers get ready to make their transitions onto their chosen schools for their next stage in development.

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